Other information

On this page you can find information that doesn't belong in any of the other categories
Check back regularly! This list is constantly updated.

At this moment Cars & Parts offers you the following information:
  • Clubs. (Dutch)
    A large list with a.o. car- and motorcycle clubs. At this moment there are over 290 clubs in the database.
  • Salvagecompanies. (Dutch)
    A list with salvagecompanies. There are well over 110 companies in the database.
  • Carfactory sites.
    A complete list of links to sites of all carmaking compagnies.
  • Tow companies.
    A list with most of the companies who do this kind of job.
  • Garage equipment.
    A list with companies that sell garage and dismantling equipment.
  • Links.
    Links to other interesting places.

  • Car auction.
    Hundreds of damaged cars on the auction, with pictures !!

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