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Vereniging Belangenbehartiging Autodemontagebranche

(Dutch Cardismantling Association)


The stringent legislations and regulations of the Dutch government in the dismantling industry (with the objective to put this industry on a sound basis) and the consequent drastic measures, has led to the foundation of STIBA in 1985. Ever since, STIBA represents the Dutch car-, motorbike- and truckdismantling companies.



STIBA has made it to one of its most important objectives, to promote the interests of the vehicle dismantling industry in general, by which next to recycling materials, recycling high quality parts is accentuated. Besides this, t he association promotes the interests of the industry in the widest sense and that of the affiliated members in particular. All this is done by participating in all negotiations with government and authorities concerning this industry and using their infl uence in order to achieve settlements to improve the industry.

At the same time STIBA acts as a promotor for the industry. By means of press releases and brochures they try to give more publicity to the work of dismantling companies (recycling parts) and to get more appraisal and recognition as a professional indu stry.



Some important results achieved by STIBA in the course of years, are the for this industry special introduced BTW-margeregeling (a VAT measure, e.g. to prevent doublecount of VAT on used products), Bedrijfsregeling 14 (Insurance A rticle 14, in which dismantlers declare that a car wreck will be dismantled for the parts and not be sold as a vehicle. Set up in co-operation with Insurance Companies e.g. to try to reduce vehicle-crime) and the Verwijderingsbijdrage (a Waste disp osal Fee).


Verwijderingsbijdrage (January 1, 1995 Waste disposal Fee)

This fee (Dfl. 250,-- in 1995, 1996, 1997 per each new registered car) administrated by Auto Recycling Netherlands (ARN) is supposed to help realizing the objective, that by the year 2000 at least 86% of the materials that compose cars, must be kept out of the waste "stream", by recycling them. Part of this fee is meant for the certified and ARN affiliated car dismantling companies.



Some important points of attention for now and the near future are:

- improving the acquisition and reliability of used parts,
- stimulating to computerise the industry and
- the European legislation for cardismantling that concerns waste materials in general and
  secundary waste materials where appropriate.
- improving the quality of dismantling companies as well as their products, to stimulate
  "green repairs".
  These "green repairs" will be done by acknowledged garages/bodyshops with qualitative
  good used parts; to benefit the environment and the purse.




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