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The days of the "Scrap yards", with a big field of Car wrecks, are over. These days quality vehicle parts are being 'dismantled' by certified Auto Recyclers. These Auto Recyclers test and clean the parts and sell them with a guarantee all over the world. They have environmentally sealed fluid proof concrete floors, a workshop where the vehicles are dismantled and warehouses with computerized Stock control. They are organized in an association, together looking for solutions not only to sell the parts, but also to recycle all (waste) materials from 'End of Life Vehi cles.

The Recycler

The vehicle dismantling industrie nowadays is a genuine recycling industrie. Next to selling as much (hard to find) parts as possible, their objective is to recycle all materials from End of Life Vehicles, such as glass, plastics, fluids, batte ries, tyres, rubbers, upholstery, foam, metals and electronic parts. In Holland these Recyclers are associated in the Stiba, the Dutch dismantlers association, and are contracted by Auto Recyling Nederland (ARN).


Quality Control

Modern customers don't accept inferior quality any more. The Auto Recycling Industrie had to change its image and methods in order to meet the demands of modern marketing standards. The Industrie had to change the bad image and publicity from the past, and has grown to a fully accepted industrie, realizing its responsability to the environment and the necessity of selling quality controlled second hand parts.


What have you 

got to lose?


Money - if you always buy new parts

Our customers save at least 50% of the purchase price, just buying good second hand parts in stead of buying them new.


 The environment, another advantage

Everybody knows that the efforts of one single person will not improve our environment, but that we all have to do our part. Our, the vehicle recyclers, part is obvious. In the Netherlands alone every year about 400.000 vehicles are being disma ntled. The result is 100 million kilograms of waste to be recycled, that used to be dumped in the environment. But there is more. Selling used vehicle parts saves the energy and materials that are necessary to produce new parts.



Used Parts

In the past "Scrap yards" or "Break yards" used to sell worn out parts, mainly to be fitted on vehicles of ten or more years old. These days that's different. Vehicle Recyclers buy the latest top models from insurance companies. If, for instance, a car was involved in an accident and totally damaged on the rear end, all other, practicly new parts can perfectly be used to repair a car of the same make, model and year. These parts is what you may expect from a modern Vehicle Recycling Company.

What have you  

got to lose?


 The future

In the future, insurance companies will charge a lower insurance premium for people that allow their vehicles to be repaired with guaranteed used parts. By buying used parts now, you set an example, and direct insurance companies to a cheaper veh icle insurance system!

A used vehicle part makes you feel better 

By buying used parts you help to recycle vehicle parts and waste materials, making your contribution to a cleaner environment, in a way that saves you money !!

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